holly willoughby rushed off stage

H0lly Will0ughby rushed off the set by security when she admitted she has a new passion-project that takes up most of her time these days.

There are many who wondered about how I and Anna work, what we do and what she helps me with! So now comes a post around it!

We have set aside about three months to “get to know each other” and how I want it! I am incredibly much for the creative side and I had so much ideas on how we would pitch certain collaborations and convey this to my customers. So we work a lot with the visual. We have produced attractive price lists, quotes, my statistics in a pedagogical way and made mind maps for the various inquiries I received. Since many of my collaborations are email contact, we work a lot on mail and the creative bit there. I want there to be a red thread in everything we send to the customer. Just like my brokerage, I want to be professional even when it comes to this.

Anna also takes contact with companies I have worked with and wants to work with! She responds to emails and makes my ideas a reality by coordinating! She will also take pictures now that I have the new camera! It is ridiculously happy with it! Sony A7 III I bought!

We usually sit in some café or restaurant or at one of my two offices. Because we usually do not sit for several hours but usually have to go on several different things, it suits us really well. We work all days two days a week!

As soon as the hotel business is up and runing, Anna will be a big part even there but more about the latter

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